Regulation 2220.5 Community School Coordinator

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Immediate Supervisor: School Principal

General Function

The Community School Coordinator is responsible for the administration of the Community School Program.

Specific Duties

  1. To foster cooperation and communication amongst the school, community, Community School Society or Council and the various community agencies and organizations.
  2. To become familiar with the social and economic structure of the community.  To identify community needs and interests; to facilitate the development and implementation of programs, ser­vices and activities to meet these needs.
  3. To be responsive to the concerns and requests from individuals or groups in the community.
  4. To assist with the ongoing operation of the Community School Society or Council and the standing committees; to facilitate and administer the projects and activities of the council.
  5.  To assist the instructional staff with the identification of community resources and to facilitate the integration of these resources into the regular school program.
  6. To facilitate inter-agency cooperation in the delivery of services, recreational and educational programs.
  7. To be committed to and involved in the promotion of the Community Education concept.
  8.  To be responsible for the recruiting, selecting, training, supervision and evaluation of all paid and non-paid staff members working within the optional curriculum of the Community School program.
  9. To oversee the financial operations of the Community School Society or Council.
  10. To plan and promote full utilization of the Community School facilities and to ensure appropriate maintenance and security systems are in place in consultation with the principal.
  11. To complete school based administrative tasks as assigned by the principal.


  1. Graduation from a university of recognized standing and/or equivalent experience.
  2. Training and successful work experience in several of the following areas: – adult education, community development, community education, recreation, social work, teaching, youth leadership.
  3. Ability to keep records, perform evaluations, write reports and perform related administrative duties.
  4. Experience preparing and overseeing budgets, financial operations, grant submissions.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with volunteers, boards and committees, local citizens and organizations, pro­fessionals and public service agencies.
  6. Ability to initiate, develop, coordinate, promote and supervise a wide variety of programs and activities.
  7. Experience in the selection, placement, supervision, evaluation of staff and volunteers.
  8. Knowledge of the British Columbia school curriculum and teaching methodologies an asset.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     January 25, 1988


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