Regulation 2127.0630 District Counsellors

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REGULATION 2127.0630


Referral Regulation and Procedure

1. Referrals may be made by:
a) students or their parents
b) principals or teachers
other community agencies which have a legitimate professional involvement with the students (e.g. – doctors, Ministry of Human Resources, etc.)
2. It is preferred that referrals be made through the principal or their delegate, but it is recognized that direct referrals must be permitted, subject to the conditions listed below.

3. District Counsellors shall provide the principal with the names of students who are involved in sessions. In most cases the parent shall be informed when a counselling relationship has been established. Exceptions could occur, if, in the opinion of the principal and the counsellor, the welfare of the student is endangered by such notification.

4. When a counselling relationship is established, the counsellor shall make periodic reports to the principal concerning the case. When written reports are made to any party, the principal shall receive a copy.

5. The above regulations are made in recognition of the fact that the principal is in charge of his school, and that they must be informed concerning the

work of other professionals who serve their students, and further, that they shall decide what services can or should be provided. It is also understood that a principal’s decisions may be appealed to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools and through them, to the Superintendent of Schools.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: April 1973 (as #2127.013)
Renumbered: November 1973 Revised: April 1979
Revised: March 11, 2019

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District.

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