Regulation 2127.050 Facilities Planner

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Specific Responsibilities

1.0       Planning

Develops methodology and analysis techniques for medium and long-range site and facility needs using various computer software the Student Information System.

Maintains school attendance area maps and site and building plan information base using computer assisted drafting techniques and conveys this information to Transportation.

Answers parents inquires regarding school catchment areas and advises them of the approval process required to enable them to attend out-of-catchment schools.

Identifies changes required in school attendance area boundaries, prepares and circulates reports to affected school principals for their comment and notifies schools, departments and outside agencies of final changes.

Assists in the development of educational specifications and design guidelines and recommends implementation.

Collects and reviews information from local planning agencies on municipal development resulting in an increase in school-age population or projected school-age population to help update enrollment projections and plan for future student accommodation.

Reviews municipal plans in order to provide input into their planning processes as they pertain to school facilities planning.

Prepares project files for the Facilities Planning Process, outlining process timelines, planning technical functions to be performed by the Facilities Planner and other members of Facilities Services.

Reviews the status of potential school property acquisitions and, when necessary, offers appropriate planning information to the Facilities Planning Committee.

Works with local Parks and Recreation departments to identify appropriate layouts for schools and playing fields on joint school/park sites.

Prepares site plans and other illustrations for review of parents, school staff and community members with regards to preliminary planning for new schools.

2.0       Transportation

Administers contracts with outside agencies for the safe transportation of students:

  1. Outside the regular program student walk limits
  2. Cadre students
  3. Special Education students

Monitors expenditure and develops transportation budget.  Assists in negotiation and tendering of transportation contract.

3.0       Staff 

Administers and is responsible for all Transportation employees.

Determines and implements equitable work routines.

Communicates with personnel on matters pertaining to current collective agreements.

4.0       General

Prepares and maintains statistical information pertaining to the Board’s transportation activity

  • Maintains statistics for Ministry reporting functions on number of students transported and number of kilometers bused
  • Receives and approves applications for student transportation
  • Administers school bus services, B.C. Transit passes, mileage assistance requests and field trip bookings
  • Carries out specific duties as assigned by the Director of Facilities Services

5.0       Evaluation

The Facilities Planner is evaluated by the Director of Facilities Services on the basis of the results achieved as specifically set out in the annual work plan.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     October 1979
  • Revised & Renamed:   March 25, 1995


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