Regulation 2123.040 Manager Building Operations

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Reporting to the Director of Facilities Services, the Supervisor of Operations is accountable for the cleaning, heating, rental of school facilities, and the transportation of students in the District.

Specific Responsibilities

1.0       Operation of School Plants

Directs, through two supervisors, the preparation of schedules and work standards to ensure that the physical environment in schools is satisfactory for teaching requirements and to achieve the required results at the lowest possible cost.

Prepares and administers an Annual Budget for all accounts of the Operations Division, including custodial services, cartage, Board vehicles, utilities, rental of school facilities, and transportation.

Maintains school buildings in a clean, sanitary condition.

Ensures that fire-fighting equipment is located in schools as per Provincial and Municipal fire regulations.

Ensures that all heating systems are operated safely and efficiently.

Remains in the Greater Victoria area when on call (24 hours a day, normally one week out of six) for emergency and security situations. These hours are in addition to the regular working hours.

2.0       Supplies and Equipment

Processes requisitions for cleaning materials and other supplies required for plant operation and preventative maintenance.

Draws up operational equipment lists for new schools and specifies requirements.

Researches and is aware of new materials that would improve or update cleaning and/or operation of school plants.

Approves specifications for, and orders Operations supplies and equipment.

3.0       Rentals

Coordinates with municipalities the joint usage of school facilities.

Reviews and recommends policies and regulations and charges pertinent to rental of school facilities.

Correlates use of school facilities with school principals, Camosun College and responsible community groups.

4.0       Security

Determines locations and requirements for security and alarm systems and equipment.

Coordinates with school principals, police and fire departments matters pertaining to security and safety, and coordinates patrol inspection services when necessary.

Coordinates the removal of used and old chemicals and contaminated solvents as per WHMIS regulations.

5.0       Cartage

Ensures all cartage and messenger service requirements for the School District are performed and handled efficiently.

Maintains and services all vehicles and rolling maintenance equipment owned by the Board.

Maintains a safety service log for all vehicles.

6.0       Transportation

Administers contracts with outside agencies for the safe transportation of students:

a)  Outside the walk limits

b)  Cadre students

c)   Special Education students

7.0       Staff

Administers and is responsible for all Operations employees.

Determines and implements equitable work routines.

Promotes and maintains effective working relationships and personnel practices.

Communicates with personnel on matters pertaining to current collective agreements.

8.0       Safety

Administers all contractual obligations for first aid designates. Monitors all W.C.B. claims and M.S.D.S. forms.

9.0       Staff Training

Establishes and selects courses as required in-house cleaning procedures and operation for school plants.

Informs and encourages staff to avail themselves of courses that are work-related.

Conducts WHMIS training programs as required by legislation.

Conducts Asbestos Awareness Programs as required by legislation.

10.0      General

Assists school planners with information concerning all Operations services.

Administers contracts where applicable.

Assists in negotiations as required and participates on the Labour Management Committee.

In the absence of the Director of Facilities Services, the Supervisors of Construction, Maintenance and

Operations shall be responsible for the Facilities Services Department.

Other Duties as may be required.

11.0      Evaluation

The Supervisor is evaluated by the Director of Facilities Services on the basis of the results achieved as specifically set out in the annual job plan.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:                                                     June 1973 (as 2123.030)
  • Revised:                                                         December 1974
  • Revised:                                                         April 1977
  • Revised, Renumbered & Retitled:            July 1981
  • Renamed & Revised:                                   October 28, 1991
  • Renamed:                                                      Mar 2017


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