Regulation 2120.062 Director of Student Support Services

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The Director of Student Support Services is accountable to the Superintendent for the achievement of the District’s mission and goals through the creation of effectiveness learning programs. The Director’s role is to support schools in their mission to ensure that all students achieve their personalized learning goals by providing programs, staff and expertise to meet their identified special learning needs.

Results Expected:


Provides effective leadership to the Department and the District in order that all students can attain their individual potential.


Provides expertise and curricular support to principals, teachers and Department staff to enable them to provide a positive learning environment for students.


Establishes and maintains cooperative and productive working relationships with principals, teachers and Department staff.


Provides effective and efficient management of the human and financial resources of the Student Support Services Department.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provides overall departmental leadership and through consultation identifies emerging needs, recruitment, assignment and evaluation of staff assigned to student support service areas.
  • Support initiative towards inclusion of Special Needs students in regular classrooms.
  • Takes responsibility for the preparation and monitoring of budgets. Compiles appropriate statistical data required by the Ministry of Education.
  • Oversees the coordination and assessment of the placement and programming of students.
  • Communicates with representatives from other agencies and ministries in order to secure support for students.
  • Participates in administrative committees and reports to both the Superintendent and the Board of School Trustees.


  • Serves
    • All District schools
  • Accountable to
    • Superintendent and the Board of Trustees
  • In partnership with
    • District Leadership Team
  • In cooperation with
    • District Principals
  • Liaison to
    • Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Services and Housing, Solicitor-General’s Department, Ministry of Health
  • Supervises
    • Student Support Services staff
  • In consultation with:
    • Employee Groups
    • Parent Groups
    • Strategic Planning Group
    • District Consultative Committees
    • Advisory Committees


The Director is evaluated by the Superintendent on the basis of the results achieved as specifically set out in the annual job plan.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     October 28, 1991


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