Regulation 2110 Secretary-Treasurer

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The Secretary-Treasurer, as the Chief Financial Officer, is accountable to the Superintendent for the Financial, legal, and general business activities of the Board at all levels of the system. The Secretary-Treasurer, through sound financial planning and management, ensures there is fiscal responsibility and accountability in all levels of the school system.

Specific Responsibilities

1.0       Financial Planning

  • Is a member of the District Leadership Team.
  • Ensures that the process and preparation of the operating budget and other financial planning activities are consistent with Board goals/directions and law.
  • Ensures that the Board has an accounting and financial control system that is in compliance with Ministry directions.
  • Directs/approves capital funding requests to the Ministry.

2.0       Legal Operations

  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements im­posed by the School Act and other legislation re­garding financial, Trustee and Board related matters.
  • Ensures that the Board acts in a manner that complies with the law.
  • Provides legal assistance to other departments upon request; intervenes when there is a possible contravention of the law.
  • Approves legal contracts, except those delegated to others (i.e. purchase orders).
  • Prepares contracts on various matters (except where delegated to other persons or departments), seeks regulatory approvals and acts otherwise in a legal capacity, employing legal counsel as required.
  • Ensures that legal actions against the Board are defended.
  • Ensures that legal actions on behalf of the Board are effectively undertaken.
  • Participates in labour negotiations.
  • Conducts Stage 3 grievance hearings with respect to CUPE unions; ensures that the Board is properly represented at arbitration hearings and negotiates settlements (where applicable).

3.0       Relationships with Board

  • Generally responsible for assisting the Board in conducting its affairs effectively and efficiently.
  • Anticipates financial and legal problems and advises the Board on action that may be required to deal with these matters.
  • Coordinates/prepares information required by Trustees.
  • Maintains minutes of meetings.
  • Takes action necessary to implement Board directions.
  • Plans, with the Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer, Superintendent and Chairperson, the agenda and conduct of Board meetings.
  • Identifies and recommends matters requiring Board action.
  • Responsible for Trustee elections and referenda (if they are required).
  • Provides all possible support to Board and Administration regarding department responsibilities or where individual skills/experience are of use.

4.0       Business Operations

  • Gives general direction to the business functions.
  • Maintains a cash management and investment programme.
  • Directs District insurance programme.
  • Negotiates major leases, land and other financial transactions.

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to:
    • Superintendent of Schools
  • Directly Manages:
    • Associate Secretary-Treasurer
  • Key Relationships:
    • Board of Education
    • Board and Committee Chairpersons
    • District Leadership Team
    • Principals and Vice-Principals
    • Ministry of Education
    • Municipalities
    • Other School Districts
    • Returning Officer
    • General Public


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:  October 28, 1991
  • Revised:      October 21, 2013


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