Regulation 1300.1 GVSD Software Licensing Regulation

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The Greater Victoria School Board adheres to vendor software licensing agreements for the use of software in schools and District departments and acknowledges the licensing of software as copyright intellectual property.


Licensed Software are copyrighted applications which reside on school computer hard drives, on school or District network servers or other networks.  Included are such things as administrative and educational applications, databases, test banks, digital images, audio files and programming code.

Pirating is the practice of using or giving away licensed software without reimbursing the vendor for its use or by using more copies than are permitted as prescribed in the vendor’s condition of licensed use.

The following regulations must be followed in accordance with Policy 1300:

  1. Software placed on school computers must be done so in accordance with the vendor’s licensing conditions. Schools and District departments must have a copy of the license for each corresponding software application.
  2. Software purchased under an educational license must be used only on school and District computers or as defined by the licenses agreement.
  3. Schools and District departments must keep a current record of all software licenses.
  4. Where software is purchased by the District for distribution to schools/departments, licensing information will be kept centrally in the District.
  5. Where software is upgraded on the original license and placed into use, the original software must not be sold, given away or continued in use unless specifically stated in the licensing agreement.
  6. Software no longer in use by schools or departments should be disposed through removal from all computers.
  7. Software disposal may include destruction, selling or giving away the original copy and documentation provided this does not contravene the original licensing agreement.
  8. Software licensing documentation must be made available to enforcement authorities upon request.

Reference Policy 1300


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     May 28, 2002



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