Regulation 1240 Volunteers in the Schools

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District Staff, in this regulation, includes the Superintendent, senior administrative staff, managers, principals, and designates for each of these positions.


1. Note that this regulation does not apply to the following individuals:
1.1. Students who serve as volunteers in the school in which they are enrolled.
1.2. Dignitaries, performers, presenters, and other similar guests who attend a school on a one-time basis at the invitation of school personnel and whose interaction with the students during their visit is closely monitored by authorized school personnel.
1.3. At the discretion of the principal, individuals who volunteer on an occasional basis and who have limited, supervised contact with students (e.g. transporting band equipment with no students in the vehicle, collecting tickets at the door of a school event)


1. The principal will inform all staff, volunteers, and the school’s parent advisory council, the Board’s policy on volunteers in the schools and these attendant regulations, as required.

2. Under the direction of the District staff, volunteers may be used for various school programs, activities and functions and for a variety of tasks. Pursuant to the School Act, volunteers will not perform tasks that displace an employee.

3. Volunteers will abide by all District policies and regulations including health and safety standards. District oversight will be provided in appropriate circumstances.

4. Individuals wishing to volunteer at a school must seek approval from the school principal or designate. School administration, as appropriate, must be informed of volunteers that will be present in a school including the dates and times of the volunteering.

5. The District shall screen volunteers using the attached School Volunteer Information Form. The school principal is responsible to ensure this step is taken when school based volunteers are utilized.

6. The principal will require a person interested in being a volunteer to obtain a criminal record check when working alone with a student, on overnight field trips or volunteering on an ongoing basis. The principal may provide a letter to take to the local police station indicating that the purpose of the record check is to allow the person to volunteer in a school. The District will reimburse fees incurred by volunteer applicants in obtaining a Criminal Record Check.

7. Volunteers cannot be assigned to tasks that would compromise student, volunteer, or employee personal information. Volunteers will be held to the same standard of confidentiality as employees of the District.

8. Building/maintenance volunteer projects must be approved by the Director of Facilities and follow the appropriate oversight provided.

9. Volunteers cannot be paid for the services they provide.

10. Principals have the right to refuse a volunteer’s services and the right to revoke volunteer status.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: March 1983
Revised: March 25, 1991
Revised: September 1994
Revised: April 21, 2008
Revised: January, 2018


School:_______________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________________



Telephone:____________________________________________________________ Student’s Name:___________________________________________

Number of days per month that you wish to volunteer:______________________________________________________________________________

Areas in which you wish to volunteer:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Driving:________________ Library:________________ Classroom:________________ Extra-curricular:____________________________________________

Other (please specify)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Areas of expertise:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Personal and work related character references:







Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence for which you have not been subsequently pardoned?

Yes______________________________ No______________

I agree that the information provided on this form is true and accurate.


Volunteer’s Signature

I have reviewed the information on this form.


Principal’s Signature



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