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The mandate of the Archives and Museum is to collect, preserve, document, research, exhibit and provide other legitimate public access to historic education materials used and/or generated in schools or management offices of the Greater Victoria region. The objective of the programs of the Archives and Museum is to provide historical evidence to clarify how schools and school systems within that region interpreted their mandate to educate so that the relation between schoolings and the natural, social, political and economic environments may be clarified.

The Archives and Museum will operate under the auspices of the Board of School Trustees of School District 61, but will be staffed by volunteer community members.


1. The Archives and Museum shall collect materials which relate in a general way to the operation of schools within School District 61, or to Colonial schools and to the school systems which existed within those geographic boundaries prior to 1946. Materials which are primarily or uniquely associated with the operation or with the persons of a particular school should be preserved at the school.

Materials from inactive files of offices of the District that the School Board is legally required to keep, or which is judged to have significant historic merit, may also be collected.

Notwithstanding the above, should historic materials in any school or other building of the District be deemed to be at risk, the Archives and Museum may accession it or provide a temporary repository until the condition causing the risk no longer pertains.

2. The Archives and Museum may accept donations from the public for appraisal and possible accessioning if the general criterion in the first paragraph in (a) above is met. Similarly, donations from heritage institutions may be accepted, or actively solicited, if the material is crucial to the complete or meaningful documentation of District history.

3. The Archives and Museum may lend material in its collection to a school in the District for a specific project and for a specified time period if:
• it has been determined that copies or reproductions will not serve the school’s purposes;
• adequate security and environmental safety is assured; and
• the Archives and Museum is given appropriate credits.

4. The Archives and Museum may lend material from its collection to other heritage institutions acceptable to it, and to such corporate or other community entities whose exhibiting of the material serves a stated purpose of the Board, and only if its security and environmental safety is assured.

5. Material from the collection may be de–accessioned within Board policy regarding its property if:
• it is more appropriately with the collection mandate of a District school, or of another heritage institution;
• duplicate or multiple specimens exist in the collection;
• retaining it causes a risk to other material;
• its condition is such that it is no longer of value for the purposes of the Archives and Museum; and
• any benefit from the de-accessioning will be credited to the Archives and Museum in money or kind.

6. Responsibilities and Authority of Volunteer Staff

7. The Archives and Museum shall be staffed and managed by volunteers.

8. A volunteer shall be selected as Curator-Director, and a second as Assistant Curator-Director of the Archives and Museum. These selections are to be made by the District administration.

9. The Curator-Director shall be responsible for:

• recruiting and training other volunteers
• scheduling and assigning duties of all volunteers
• maintaining adequate records of management projects
• reporting on all activities and initiatives taken within the mandate of the Archives and Museum to the Board through the District administration
• ordering and retaining an adequate inventory of supplies
• appraising donations of historic materials when required for charitable donation receipts
• publicizing the services of the Archives and Museum
• maintaining liaison with District Administration whose authority and responsibilities overlap with management needs of the Archives and Museum
• delegating to the Assistant Curator-Director such responsibilities and authority listed above as are deemed from time to time to be appropriate

10. Volunteer staff will provide advice and assistance on request to school or other staff of the District wishing to establish and manage a collection of historic materials.

11. The Archives and Museum budget allocation shall be made within the District Annual Budget. The Archives and Museum may incorporate in its expenditures financial donations made to its credit to the Board for projects or supplies that could otherwise not be financed.

Reference: (TBD)

Adopted: January 28, 1991

Revised: (TBD)


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