Policy 8251 Trustees’ Code of Ethics

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POLICY 8251 


Whereas the role of School Trustee is fundamental to the educa­tion system in that it embodies the trust of the community in the important enterprise of developing directions to shape the minds, bodies, emotions and spirits of its youthful citizens, a Code of Ethics for Trustees is deemed essential.

Therefore, as a School Trustee—

A. I will regard the well-being of every student as my primary obligation.

  1.  I will make decisions in terms of what is best for the educational welfare of children.  I will strive to meet the individual needs of each child regardless of their ability, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation or any other bias or discrimination.

B. I will bring about positive change for all students and for the educational system.

  1. I will bring about desired changes through procedures that are both legal and ethical.
  1. I will strongly advocate for public education.
  1. I will strive to ensure that the educational system will provide the best quality of education possible for its students.

 C. I will undertake my duties diligently and with integrity.

  1. I will do everything possible to maintain the integrity, confidence and dignity of the office of School Trustee.
  1. I will avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using my Board position for personal gain.
  1. I will endeavour to attend all Board meetings and serve on Standing Committees as appointed by the Chairman in consultation with me.
  1. I recognize that the primary function of the Board is to establish policies by which the schools are to be administered and that the administration of the educational program and the conduct of school business shall be left to the employed superintendent of schools and his/her professional and non-professional staff in line with Board Policy.

D. I will respect the rights of fellow trustees, employees, students and parents.

  1. I will respect the intrinsic worth of fellow trustees, employees, students and parents and act to ensure through reasonable advocacy and other interventions that dignity, individuality and rights of such persons are safeguarded.
  1. I will encourage the free expression of opinion by all Board members and seek systematic communications between the Board and students, staff and all elements of the community.
  1. I will listen to what other Board members and other individuals or groups may have to say before making my final decisions which will be based upon all available facts in each situation.
  1. I will endeavour to work with my fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation to observe proper decorum and behaviour, to encourage full and open discussions in all matters with my fellow Board members, to treat them with respect and consideration and not to withhold or conceal from them any information which is necessary for Board members to make an informed decision.
  1. I will refrain from unjustified personal attacks on the reputation of fellow Trustees or employees of the School District or their opinions, but I reserve the right to make honest and respectful criticism.
  1. I will abide by majority decisions of the Board once they are made, but at the time I seek re-election to the Board I shall be free to repeat and support the minority opinion that I upheld when the decision was made.
  1. I will hold confidential all matters pertaining to schools that, if disclosed may needlessly injure individuals or the schools.  However, I may disclose information to persons who have a legitimate need to know.

E. I will endeavour to be competent and efficient in the performance of my office.

  1. I will endeavour to keep informed on all local, provincial and national education developments of significance.
  1. I will earnestly try to interpret the needs and attitudes of the people of the community and do my best to translate them into the educational program of the schools.
  1. I will encourage active cooperation by citizens, organizations and the media of communications, to help all the people of the communities to have the facts about the current school operation and proposed future development.
  1. I will support the employment of those persons best qualified to serve as school staff and insist on a regular and impartial evaluation of all staff.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       July 27, 1987

Revised:         January 16, 2012

Reviewed:     March 2012


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