Policy 8210 Orienting New Board Members

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The Board and its staff shall assist each new trustee-elect to understand the Board’s function, policies, and procedures before said trustee takes office.  The following methods shall be employed:

  1. The electee shall be given selected material on the job of being part of the Board.
  1. The electee shall be invited to attend Board meetings and to participate in its discussions.
  1. The Secretary-Treasurer shall supply material pertinent to meetings and shall explain its use.
  1. The incoming member shall be invited to meet with the Superintendent and other administrative personnel to discuss services they perform for the Board.
  1. A set of the Board’s policies and regulations, and copies of the School Act, Regulation to the Act, Robert’s Rules of Order, and other relevant documents, shall be given to the new trustee.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       September 1962

Various revisions:

Revised:         December 18, 1978

Revised:         November 1981


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