Policy 6162.9 Prior Learning Assessment Challenge and Equivalency

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POLICY 6162.9


The Greater Victoria Board of School Trustees believes that giving credit for prior learning is necessary to permit students to develop “their maximum intellectual potential…within a flexible and responsive environment” as expressed in the District’s Mission Statement.

Prior Learning Assessment is

  1. Based on the belief that relevant learning can be acquired by students outside the school system and should be acknowledged.
  1. A process by which the student demonstrates to a satisfactory level of competence the learning outcomes of a Grade 11 or 12 provincial or locally-developed course.
  1. Acknowledged in a variety of ways such as challenge and equivalency.

a) Purpose of Challenge

The purpose of challenge is to permit students to obtain full credits for a Grade 11 or 12 course WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE THE COURSE because they have already acquired the appropriate learning elsewhere.  All students are entitled to challenge.

b) Purpose of Equivalency

The purpose of equivalency is to recognize valid credentials equivalent to the Grade 11 and 12 levels acquired by students from other educational jurisdictions and from institutions outside the regular school system.  All students who can provide a credential or documentation to support their equivalency request are entitled to an equivalency review.  The equivalency process is not intended to recognize undocumented prior learning.  Equivalency credit will only be granted if the prescribed learning outcomes from provincial and locally developed courses are met.

The process for Challenging for Credit and Equivalency is outlined in the attendant Regulations.

Reference:     GVSD Policy 6120; Learner-Focused Education

GVSD Policy 5125; Evaluation of Student Progress

Ministry of Education

Policy Circular: Number 95-02 Challenge

Policy Circular: Number 95 -03 Equivalency

Greater Victoria School District

Approved:  February 26, 1996


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