Policy 6160 Student Fees and Deposits

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1. Section 82 of the School Act states the Board of Education must provide free of charge, to school age students, resident in the school district and enrolled in an educational program at one of its schools;

a) instruction in an educational program sufficient to meet general graduation requirements, including instruction after graduation for students still of school age, and,

b) educational resource materials necessary for participation in the educational program, unless those programs are exempted by Ministerial Order 236/09.

2. The Board of Education will endeavour to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for all students, including many additional enriching activities.

3. The Board of Education may charge fees for goods and services in accordance with Ministerial Order 236/07 and Section 82 of the School Act. The Board of Education may also require refundable or partly refundable deposits for educational resource materials in accordance with Section 82 of the School Act.

4. The Board of Education will ensure that a schedule of fees and deposits required is published prior to the beginning of the school year and is available to students and parents/guardians.

5. To ensure that fees and deposits do not become a barrier to student participation in educational programs, the Board of Education will facilitate fair and confidential procedures which will allow participation in activities by students who would otherwise be excluded due to financial hardship.

Reference:  1.   School Act, Section 82, 168

  1. Ministerial Order 236/09
  2. Regulation 265/89 Section 1(2)

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:         February 22, 1993

Revised:           December 8, 1997

Revised:           October 27, 2009



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