Policy 6114 Maintenance of Order

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Adopted: December 18, 2017
Frequency of Review: 5 Years


1.1 Policy 6114 is based upon Section 177 of the School Act. Section 177 is intended to prevent the disruption of schools and school functions, and to ensure the protection of students and staff. This section allows the principal or other school administrator to direct a person to leave school property, and prevents the person from returning without prior approval of the principal or administrator. It also enables the principal or administrator to call for assistance from law enforcement if necessary. A person who contravenes this section of the School Act commits an offence. The purpose of providing this authority to principals and other administrators is to maintain order on school premises and to ensure the protection of students and staff.


2.1 “school” means
2.1.1 a body of students that is organized as a unit for educational purposes under the supervision of a principal, vice principal or director of instruction,
2.1.2 the teachers and other staff members associated with the unit, and
2.1.3 the facilities associated with the unit, and includes a Provincial resource program and a distributed learning school operated by a board.

3.1 Exclusion orders from the school property may be issued in circumstances where the School District determines a person’s actions:
3.1.1 present a risk to the safety of students, staff, or others in the school community, or
3.1.2 present significant and ongoing disruption to any educational programs offered by the school.

3.2 Exclusion orders may be made whether the actions contravening section 177 occur on or off school property.

3.3 Section 177 orders should not be made, except in unusual consequences, without first attempting to remedy the problem through other approaches.


4.1 The Board of Education is responsible to ensure compliance with the School Act.

4.2 The Superintendent is responsible to ensure that District policy is upheld and regulations are enforced.


5.1 School Act, section 177 [RSBC 1996]


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