Policy 5141.1 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students

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POLICY 5141.1


Drafted: October 24, 2019
Adopted: November 25, 2019
Frequency of Review: Annual

1.0 Rationale

The Minister of Education amended the Support Services for Schools Order to require school districts to provide free menstrual products to students in school washrooms in a manner that protects student privacy. The Ministerial Order requires boards to establish policies and procedures related to the provision of free menstrual products to students.

2.0 Definitions

3.0 Policy

Every student in British Columbia should have access to healthy and effective learning environments. The school system is expected to promote gender equality and create an inclusive learning experience. Lack of access to menstrual products can negatively impact students’ school attendance and their social-emotional well-being. Providing all students with convenient access to free menstrual products helps to support their full participation in school activities, reduces stigma and promotes gender equality.

The Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria School District) is committed to providing menstrual products to students who may require them.

3.1 The Board will:
3.1.1 ensure menstrual products are made available to students of all gender identities or expressions in a manner that protects student privacy;
3.1.2 provide barrier-free, easily accessible menstrual products at no cost to students;
3.1.3 provide menstrual products in school washrooms; and,
3.1.4 consider student feedback with respect to the provision of menstrual products.

School district staff will develop procedures regarding the provision of menstrual products to students.

4.0 Responsibilities
4.1 The Board of Education is responsible to ensure compliance with the School Act.
4.2 The Board of Education is responsible to ensure compliance with Ministerial Orders.
4.3 The Superintendent is responsible to ensure that District policy is upheld and regulations are enforced.

5.0 References
5.1 Sections 85(2)(a), 88(1) and 168(2)(t) of the School Act
5.2 Support Services for Schools Order M149/89) Amended by M127/19


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