Policy 5131.4 Substance Abuse

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POLICY 5131.4


The Board of Trustees recognizes that in order to provide the greatest opportunity for healthy student growth and development, the school environment must be free of mood altering substances.*  The Board of Trustees shares responsibility with the community for addressing problems associated with the use and abuse of such substances.

In assuming responsibility, the Board of Trustees shall:

  1. Provide students with a curriculum on the prevention of substance abuse;
  1. Encourage and support the identification of an early intervention into problems of substance abuse among students through utilization of school as well as community resources;
  1. Provide fair and equitable response procedures and consequences regarding substance-related infractions;
  1. Advise students, parents and staff of all rules established under Policy and Regulations 5131.1 (Discipline), Regulations 5131.4 (Substance Abuse),   Regulation and Bylaw 9330.1. (Appeal Process)

*    For the purposes of this Policy and accompanying Regulations “mood-altering substances” refers to alcohol and drugs prohibited or restricted under the Food and Drug Act and the Narcotic Control Act, but excludes drugs which have been prescribed for the student by a physician.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:  February 1992


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