Policy 5131.1 Discipline

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POLICY 5131.1


The purpose of discipline is to develop a capacity for self control in each and every student so that a positive learning environment for all students can be maintained.  Principals are to establish clearly understood and reasonable expectations of student behaviour in order to maintain an effective learning environment.  Each school shall, therefore, set standards of acceptable student behaviour, communicate these standards to students, parents and staff on an ongoing basis and enforce these within existing Board policies and regulations.

School based rules of conduct should not provide for mandatory suspensions.  They should allow the principal some discretion to consider the circumstances of the offense.

References:      School Act Section  6: Duties of Students

                              School Act Section 10: Liability for Damage

                              School Act Section 11 (3):  Appeals

                              School Act Section 95 (3):  Conduct

                              Regulation 5 (7)(g):  Duties & Powers of Administrative Officers

Greater Victoria School District

Approved:     October 1982

Revised:         August 1993


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