Policy 5128 International Student Enrollment

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Adopted: October 30, 2023
Frequency of Review: Annual




The Greater Victoria School District is committed to providing a safe, caring, and welcoming learning environment for all students and families. The Board of Education’s mandate is to provide people of school age who are resident in the school district access to an educational program. The Board of Education recognizes the importance of a district-wide approach to enrollment that honours school district student transitions in order to ensure a sense of belonging and connectedness. Therefore, international student enrollment will be considered only where space allows.


2.1    “School District Student” means a person of school age who is resident in the Greater Victoria School District.

2.2    “International Student” means a student from outside Canada who does not meet the Ministry of Education’s funding eligibility requirements and/or has to obtain authorization
from the Canadian government to enter Canada with the intention of pursuing studies.

2.3    “Ordinarily Resident”: on the basis of objective evidence, a person has established a regular, habitual mode of life in the community with a sufficient degree of continuity which has
persisted despite temporary In accordance with the British Columbia School Act, a student is considered “ordinarily resident” if the student is resident in British Columbia and the
parent/guardian(s) of the student are ordinarily resident in British Columbia.

3.0   POLICY

3.1     The Board of Education supports the integration of international students into district schools as an important way to increase intercultural and international understanding.
The Greater Victoria Board of Education believes that international students add to the rich educational environment in the school district.

3.2    The Board of Education believes the school district should levy fees, charges, as well as administer any type of refund, in a manner that ensures the financial resources needed to operate
a cost effective and efficient International Student Program are secured for the benefit of all students in the school district.

3.3    The Board of Education acknowledges that marketing and recruiting activities are carried out to attract international students to the school district as described in the supporting

3.4    International student enrollment will be considered only where there is space available. When there are more students than a school can accommodate, the Board of Education’s
Student Enrollment Priorities will determine the order in which students are placed in schools.

3.5    The School Act requires each Board of Education to establish rules for determining student enrollment priority. The Student Enrollment Priorities were established by the Board of
Education and are the rules that govern enrollment priority in our school In accordance with the School Act, the Board of Education’s Student Enrollment Priorities are made available
to the public on the school district website and via Policy and Regulation 5118.2 Student Enrollment and Transfers.

3.6    A person’s residency is determined as of the date the application to enroll the person is submitted to the Board of Education.

3.7    The Board of Education directs that prior to considering International School enrollment schools must make every reasonable effort to confirm that there is adequate space, educational
programs, and instructional support available for school age children resident in the school district.

3.8   International students will be placed in accordance with the Board of Education’s Student Enrollment Priorities. The Board is committed to ensuring that international students are
welcomed into the educational community and provided with equitable access to resources and opportunities.

3.9    The total annual international student enrollment, and the allocation of international student enrollment as a percentage of a school’s population will be reviewed by the Board of The Superintendent will provide the Board with a bi-annual report in November and April on the International Student Program including the current student enrollment and any recommendations for future enrollment levels which will be based on the availability of space in the immediate and projected future (at least three years).

3.10   International Student Program operations will be reviewed annually by the Superintendent who will also ensure that an annual report is submitted to the Board of Education, which includes the current student enrollment and any recommendations for future international student enrollment levels.


4.1.   The Superintendent is responsible to ensure compliance with the School Act, School Regulation and Board of Education policy and regulations.

4.2    The Superintendent will provide orientation and training as needed for all staff regarding all aspects of this policy.

4.3    The Board of Education is responsible to ensure compliance with the School Act, School Regulation and relevant Ministerial Orders.


School Act S.74.1 Enrollment in an educational program
School Act S.75 Provision of education program
School Act S.82 Fees and Deposits
School Regulation S.16 Deemed residence


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