Policy 5123 Student Placement Policy

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The goal of the Greater Victoria School District, in partnership with the community, is to enable students to develop their maximum intellectual potential, sense of self-worth, personal and social responsibility and love of learning.  The District sets high goals and standards for all students while not expecting that each will achieve them in the same way at the same time.

Individual student learning needs shall be identified at the school and a student learning plan developed.  Student placement decisions must be made carefully considering the student’s social, emotional, physical and learning needs.

Recommendations regarding placement in grades or courses shall be made jointly by educators and parents or guardians in consultation with the student.  The Principal, under the School Act, has responsibility for the final decision regarding student placement.

All students will be enabled to progress with their peers in a continuous and challenging manner towards appropriate learning goals.

Greater Victoria School District

Approved:     May 25, 1994



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