Policy 5117 School Attendance Areas

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To encourage the sense of community inherent in neighbourhood schools and to ensure the efficient use of school personnel resources and facilities, the Board shall establish school attendance areas.  The Board may place limitations on a school’s enrollment in order to facilitate efficient use of school personnel, resources and facilities.

A description of attendance areas and any proposals for change shall be brought to the Board for approval by the Superintendent of Schools in December of any school year.

Any request for a student to attend a school outside the neighborhood school’s attendance area will be considered in accordance with district regulations.

The Board may, if necessary, assign or reassign students to specific schools and/or educational programs.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       July 1962 (titled “School Attendance Areas”)

Revised:         March 1971

Various revisions

Revised:         March 1991

Revised:         February 22, 1999


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