Policy 4216.22 Energy, Environment And Climate Change

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POLICY 4216.22


The Board of Education takes it as its responsibility to ensure that every effort is made to conserve energy and resources in order to reduce the District’s carbon foot print.  This requires an ongoing, integrated and systematic approach to energy management, including assessing performance, setting goals, creating an action plan, and tracking and communicating results.

Greenhouse emission reduction is the joint responsibility of the trustees, administrators, staff, and students.  Every employee is expected to be cognizant of their energy use and contribute to energy efficiencies.

In concert with the Facilities department, it will be the school-based principal’s responsibility to ensure the judicious use of resources and the school’s various energy systems in order that energy efficiency is maintained on a daily basis.

The Board of Education will endeavor to comply with and, where practicable, exceed all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. To integrate environmentally sustainable considerations into all our business decisions.
  2. To ensure staff, students, and parents are fully aware of our policy, actions and results.
  3. To make suppliers and clients aware of our policy and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable environmental management practices.
  4. To review, report and continually strive to improve our environmental sustainability performance.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       October 20, 2008


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