Policy 4213 Universal Precautions Procedures

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Universal Precautions are prudent practices that apply to the prevention of infectious disease transmission.  They are based on the premise that all persons

are a potential source of infection.

Universal Precautions are designed to prevent the spread of microorganisms among persons.  The use of Universal Precautions interrupts the chain of infection.  The spread of infection requires three key elements:

  1. a source of infecting organisms
  2. a susceptible host, and
  3. a means of transmission for the organism.

Universal Precautions recommended by the School Medical Officer must be used by all persons in our district.

Policy Statement

The Board supports the concept of Universal Precautions as a method to provide simple and basic precautions against the transmission of disease.  To assure a standard of practice within our district, the Board directs all persons to follow the Universal Precautions as outlined in the attendant regulation to this policy.

Greater Victoria School District

Approved:     May 26, 1997


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