Policy 4010 Employee Relations

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Consistent with its responsibility to manage the District as provided in the School Act, the Board seeks to be fair, concerned and cordial in its relations with all of its employees. Regulations of the Board and administration will be prepared to meet this objective:

  1. a) to provide for consultation with affected employees,
  2. b) to demonstrate respect for the concerns of employees, and
  3. c) to enable matters of dispute to be faced without acrimony, or confrontations being inevitable.

The primary principle of such regulations shall be to allow the Board and its administration to meet its responsibilities as an employer through dealings with the employees on a basis of constraint, reason and trust.  It is the belief of the Board that it can best perform its duties in a climate of fairness, respect and harmonious labour relations.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       June 23, 1980


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