Policy 3510 Non-Instructional Operations

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Operation of Plant

The Board shall operate school plants as required to ensure the safety and comfort of students and staff and protection of school buildings and contents.

1. School principals shall, in March of each year, submit a written report to the School Plant Manager respecting the status of safety items in their school.

2. These reports will be reviewed with the School Principal annually in May/June of each year by a committee of administrators consisting of the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Field, the School Plant Manager and the District Planner. Where appropriate, repairs will be effected within the School Plant Operations budget or referred by the School Plant Manager to the ensuring year’s Capital Budget.

3. The School Plant Manager shall, in November of each year, make a written report to the School Board as to how they have dealt with these safety evaluations.

Greater Victoria School District
Adopted: April 1971
Revised: December 1981
Revised: March 2019

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District.

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