Policy 3324 The Environment

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The Board of School Trustees believes that the maintenance of our environment is necessary to the quality of our lives.  Further, it believes that the district and its schools have the responsibility of fostering and reinforcing positive environmental concepts, concepts that will enhance the relationship between living things and their natural and built surroundings.

The introduction of these concepts must begin early in the life of each child in order to develop a responsible environmental ethic which will be sustained throughout life.



  1.  Purchasing

a. Where feasible, products shall be purchased that are manufactured from recycled materials.

b. Where products are similar in function, the one that is the least harmful to the environment shall be purchased.

  1.    Waste Management

a. The district shall substantially reduce paper waste.

b. The district shall foster environmental practices based on the concepts: reduce, reuse, recycle.

c. Where feasible, waste products shall be recycled.

d. The district shall encourage the participation of staff, students and parents in the recycling program.

  1.     Facilities Management

a. The district shall practice energy conservation in the operation of all facilities and equipment.

b. The district shall use, where feasible, environmentally friendly products for all facilities, equipment and grounds.



1. Integrated Environmental Studies

a. The district shall foster the use of an environmental theme, at every level, as a focus for integrating existing curriculum.

b. The district shall encourage inclusion of environmental  education resources in school library/resource centres.

2. Environmental Studies

a. The District shall encourage the inclusion of Ministry of Education and locally developed Environmental Studies course and/or units in the program offerings of schools.

3. Environmental Field Trip Sites

a. The district shall support learning activities that utilize a wide range of appropriate environmental field trips.



  1.     The district encourages consideration of environmental impact in the planning of all operational and educational programs.
  1.     The district encourages school-based leadership in environmental education at each school.
  1.     The district shall respond to identified environmental education needs as resources permit, including such measures as:

a. providing appropriate environmental resources to schools;

b. providing instructional assistance and in-service to school personnel;

c. coordinating appropriate community-district environmental initiatives.

  1.     The district will endeavour to work with community and government agencies in supporting good environmental practices.


Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:    May 28, 1990


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