Policy 2100 Superintendent

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Adopted: June 1973
Revised: November 1981, June 1991 and Renumbered from 2111
Revised: March 2012, June 2019
Frequency of Review:


The Superintendent, as chief executive officer of the District, is responsible to the Board of Education for the general management of the affairs of the District, for providing education leadership and for implementing approved policies and programs to ensure the attainment of the objectives established by the Ministry of Education and the Board. The Superintendent is responsible for operationalizing the strategic plan and is responsible for overall administration of the District. In addition, the Superintendent plays a key role in advising the Board and recommending actions to address current and emerging issues. All District authority delegated to the staff of the District is delegated through the Superintendent by the Board.


Specific Areas of Responsibility
1. Student Learning
1.1 Provides leadership in all matters relating to education in the District
1.2 Ensures that learning environments actively facilitate student learning and student well being.
1.3 Reports at least annually to the Board on student results achieved.

2. Student Well Being
2.1 Ensures that students are provided with a safe and caring environment.
2.2 Ensures the safety and welfare of students while participating in school programs or while being transported to or from school programs on transportation provided or approved by the District.
2.3 Ensures the facilities safely accommodate District students.

3. Organizational Management
3.1 Ensures the fiscal management of the District is in accordance with the terms or conditions of any funding received by the Board under the School Act or any other Act or Regulation.
3.2 Ensures the District operates in a fiscally responsible manner, including adherence to recognized accounting principals and procedures.
3.3 Prepares and presents the budget which reflects Board priorities and that makes effective use of public funds.
3.4 Ensures the Board has all current and relevant financial information.
3.5 Implements directions established by the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education.
3.6 Ensures the Board has current and relevant information on implementation and implications of Ministerial initiatives and directions.

4. Personnel Management
4.1 Has overall authority and responsibility for all personnel-related matters, except the mandates for collective bargaining and those personnel matters precluded by legislation, collective agreements or Board policy.

5. Policy and Governance
5.1 Provides support to the Board regarding the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Board policies.
5.2 Develops and keeps current an Administrative Procedures Manual that is consistent with Board policy and provincial policies, procedures, regulations and relevant legislation.
5.3 Respects and honours the Board’s role and responsibilities.
5.4 Provides the information and counsel which the Board requires to perform its role.
5.5 Attends all Board meetings and makes recommendations on matters requiring Board action by providing accurate information and reports as are needed to ensure the making of informed decisions by the Board.

6. Strategic Leadership
6.1 Supports the Board in the development and implementation of the Board’s Strategic Plan with final approval by the Board.
6.2 Provides the Board with reporting on progress related to the Strategic Plan annually or upon request of the Board.

7. District Culture
7.1 Practices leadership that supports professional relationships and learning, collaboration and respectful engagement with our partners, and fosters openness and trust.
7.2 Demonstrates clear evidence-based decision making.
7.3 Utilizes processes for consensus building and conflict resolution.
7.4 Demonstrates sound judgement based on a clear understanding of the law, policy and procedures.
7.5 Clearly communicates the rationale for change.
7.6 Leads by example with exemplary ethical practices, professionalism and personal integrity.


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Policy 2100


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