Policy 1325 Partnership

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The Greater Victoria School Board recognizes and supports the development of mutually beneficial partnerships between the Board, schools and the community, including business and non-business sectors, which are consistent with Board policies, regulations and values.  The Board believes these relationships can be an important aspect of a child’s education and will benefit the educational system as a whole.

To help in the development of such partnerships the Board has developed Regulations which are intended to help schools and/or District staff initiate partnership activities.  It is important to note that:

  • communications between the District and schools regarding large projects must be current and up-to-date
  • partnerships must enhance learning opportunities
  • partnerships must ensure children and the schools are not exploited
  • recognition of all forms of partnership between the community, and schools, and/or the District shall be acknowledged in a fair and equitable manner
  • for large projects, school-based committees will be formed to coordinate the activities and relationships with the business and/or the community organization and District staff.

Please refer to:  Partnership 1325 (attach)

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:   January 25, 1999

Revised:    September 8, 1999

Revised:    April 18, 2016


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