Policy 1160 Public Information

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The Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) declares the right of citizens to full, objective, and timely information, and the obligation of the Board of Education to provide such information about its programs and policies. Board staff shall make available all documents and reports presented to the Board in a public meeting including but not limited to financial reports, public presentations and staff memos and updates.

To the greatest reasonable degree, affairs of the Greater Victoria School District are considered public unless specifically declared confidential. Those matters ordinarily to be dealt with confidentially include personal reports on staff and students, property and contract negotiations, law enforcement, labour relations matters, situations requiring protection of the legitimate interests of the community, and information that may or must not be disclosed according to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


School Act – section 69(2)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Part 2, Division 3
By-Law 9360.1

Greater Victoria School Board
Adopted: October 19, 1970
Re-titled only: November 1979
Revised: September 26, 2016


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