Bylaw 9360.01 Question Period During General Meetings of the Board of Education

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BYLAW 9360.01


The purpose of the Question Period is:

  • Additional public opportunities to ask questions
  • To have a question on the record
  • It is in the public interest
  • Public accountability


  1. There are two ways to submit a question to the Board of Education:
    • As an alternative to attending a board meeting, individuals wishing to ask the Board of Education a question are encouraged to submit their question to the “Question” link on the District website.
    • During board meetings all questions shall be submitted in written form and signed by the person posing the question, who shall be in attendance.
  2. All questions will be directed to the Board Chair.
  3. Questions will be submitted to the Deputy Superintendent prior to the start of the Question Period. Questions will be asked in order of submission.  Priority will be given to those who have not presented during the Community Presentation portion of the agenda.  If time permits, questions may be submitted in writing from the floor.
  4. The Question Period will be limited to 15 minutes.
  5. The Board Chair, with assistance from the Superintendent of Schools, may direct the question to the appropriate person. If the question is not answered at the meeting, the individual asking the question will be contacted in a timely manner.
  6. There will be a limit of one question per person.
  7. All questions will be included in the board minutes unless ruled out of order. All answers given at the board meeting will be recorded in the minutes.
  8. The Board Chair has discretion to call questions out of order. The writer of any question ruled out of order will be contacted and the question ruled out of order will be brought to the next in-camera board meeting.
  9. Answers to questions must not result in staff workload exceeding thirty (30) minutes.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Adopted:       November 17, 2014




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