Bylaw 9250.2 Notices of Motion

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BYLAW 9250.2


It is the fundamental principle of parliamentary procedure that due notice should be given for every motion. In order to provide Board members with an opportunity to consider and prepare for discussion of a question at a Board meeting the following procedures shall apply to Notices of Motion:

1. Notices of Motion should be submitted to the appropriate Standing Committee of the Board except where the Trustee deems it desirable
to present the motion directly to the Board.

2. Notices of Motion should be submitted in sufficient time for inclusion in the regular pack-up distribution.

3. A trustee who is not a member of the Standing Committee may place a Notice of Motion before the committee and may debate the motion. Where possible the motion(s) should be circulated three (3) working days prior to the meeting as per Bylaw 9130 (Standing Committees).

Greater Victoria School District
Adopted: December 16, 1968

Various revisions
Revised: February 13, 1978
Revised: July 28, 1986
Adopted: February 25, 2002
Revised: March 30, 2009
Reviewed: March 2012
Revised: June 2014
Revised: November 2016


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