Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees

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BYLAW 9130


  1. School District No. 61, Greater Victoria, shall be operated on the basis of two standing committees reporting to the Board of Education. These two committees shall be:

           a) the Education Policy and Directions Committee; and

           b)     the Operations Policy and Planning Committee

  1. The purpose of each standing committee shall be firstly to clarify issues that need to be referred to the Board for review and decision making and, secondly, to present policy recommendations for Board consideration.
  1. The Chair of the Board shall be an exofficio member of both Committees, with voting rights.
  1. A quorum is a majority of trustee members on the committee.
  1. Motions may be referred to a Standing Committee by any trustee member of the Board. Where possible the motion(s) should be circulated three (3) working days prior to the meeting.

Greater Victoria School District

Adopted:       April 27, 1981

Revised:         January 31, 1983

Revised:         October 27, 1997

Adopted:       February 25, 2002

Revised:         March 30, 2009

Reviewed:     March 2012

Revised:         January 18, 2016

Revised:         October 24, 2016



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