Bylaw 9130.3 Policy Sub-Committee

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BYLAW 9130.3


1. Within thirty days from the date of the election of Trustees to the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) and thereafter following the November Board meeting of each year, the Chair of the Board shall appoint two Trustees to comprise the membership of the Policy Sub-Committee.

2. At the first meeting of the Policy Sub-Committee the members of the Sub-Committee shall select a Chair.

3. Associated with the Sub-Committee shall be the Superintendent of Schools or delegate and any other staff as may be required by the Sub-Committee.

4. The Policy Sub-Committee shall meet as required:

a) To consider questions of overall school district policy;

b) To ensure existing school district policies are updated in accordance with the provisions of the School Act and other provincial legislation;

c) To make recommendations to the Board on new policies following changes in current practice, enactment of new legislation or introduction of new regulations;

d) To consider such other matters as may be referred by the Board and make recommendations thereon as required.

5. The Policy Sub-Committee will consult with educational and community partners as deemed appropriate with reference to Policy 1163 Consultation.

6. The Policy Sub-Committee shall report to the Education Policy and Directions Committee or the Operations Policy and Planning Committee as is appropriate.

Greater Victoria School District
Adopted: December 14, 2015
Revised: December 12, 2016


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