Bylaw 9110 Organization – Legal Authority

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BYLAW 9110


Legal Authority

The Greater Victoria School District is administered under the legal authority of the School Act (Part 6), which states, in part, that the Board is a corporation.  It may establish committees with specific functions and duties, establish district advisory councils, delegate specific and general administrative and management duties.  However, committees of trustees or individual trustees may not exercise the rights, duties and powers of the board as all powers of the Board are exercised by Bylaw or by resolution.

Membership of the Board

The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) has a membership of nine trustees at large under the provisions of the School Act (Part 4).

Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the School Act.

Duties and Authority of the Chair

The Chair shall be expected to act, as far as possible, in the role of the “Speaker of the House” with objectivity and fairness to all sides of the debate.

The chair shall avoid using the position to (unduly) influence the outcome of a debate by withholding pertinent information or any other means.  The authority of the chair does not exceed that of any individual trustee.


Greater Victoria School District

Revised:          July 1970

  • Revised:          October 30, 1978
  • Revised:          November 1981
  • Revised:          November 1982
  • Adopted:         February 25, 2002



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