Bylaw 9010 Bylaws of the Board

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BYLAW 9010


All bylaws of the Board shall be established, amended or deleted as follows:

  1. By written presentation of an individual trustee, or group of trustees, or by the Superintendent of Schools as Chief Executive Officer, or the Secretary-Treasurer as Corporate Financial Officer, or as directed by the Board, to the appropriate Board Committee which shall:

a)    discuss and seek legal or other guidance as to content of the presentation, or;

b)   formulate a proposed bylaw, amended by-law or deletion and present it to the Board of School Trustees for consideration at its next regular meeting.

  1. The Board of School Trustees shall consider the proposed bylaw, amended bylaw or deletion and, as necessary, reject the proposal, modify the proposal or accept the proposal.
  1. Before it is passed, a bylaw of the board must be given 3 distinct readings.
  1. At each of the readings of a bylaw, the bylaw must be read in full. A reading of a bylaw may, if a written or printed copy of a bylaw is in the possession of each trustee and is available to each member of the public in attendance at the meeting at which the bylaw is to be read, consist of a description of the bylaw by

        (a)    its title, and

(b)    a summary of its contents.

  1. The board shall not give a bylaw more than 2 readings at any one meeting unless the members of the board who are present at the meeting unanimously agree to give the bylaw all 3 readings at that meeting.
  1. Final reading of the bylaw must have a simple majority to pass.



  • School Act, Passage of Bylaws


Greater Victoria School District

  • Adopted:       March 14, 1977
  • Revised:         September 11, 1978
  • Revised:         October 24, 1994
  • Revised:         April 26, 1999
  • Adopted:       February 25, 2002
  • Reviewed:     March 2012


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