Regulation 5145 Police Questioning of Students in School

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1. The parent or guardian should be present (as is required in the case of juvenile court) at a police interview.

2. As a general rule no student should be officially interviewed or interrogated at school by law enforcement personnel without prior consultation with and consent of at least one of the parents or guardians. If at all possible, the police should make arrangements to interview the student at home in the presence of a parent or guardian.

3. When a parent or guardian cannot be contacted, or cannot act in person on the student’s behalf, and the police insist on interviewing a student at school, then, in this special case the Principal or Vice Principal shall act “in loco parentis” and be present at the interview. The Principal shall advise the pupil of their right to remain silent. The parent or guardian shall be notified of the interview as soon as possible thereafter.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: April 1979
Revised: March 2019

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