Board of Education Meeting Highlights – May 2019

The Board of Education Highlights provide updates on presentations and decisions made during the Board Meetings. For more information, please visit our District website where you can view the full agenda and video stream of the meeting:

Board Meeting Highlights – May 27, 2019

Secretary-Treasurer Farewell
On behalf of the Board of Education, Board Chair Jordan Watters expressed gratitude for the work and accomplishments of departing Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Walsh. The Board presented him with a gift and recognized all of his contributions to the Greater Victoria School District.

Revised BAA Courses 2019
The Board approved 49 revised Board Authority Authorized (BAA) Courses for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. This marks the completion of updating all secondary BAA courses with Grade 10 BAA courses being revised and approved last year. Board authorized courses credit students’ learning and gives them credits towards their graduation. These courses are outside of the current Ministry authorized courses.

Some of the courses offered in the District include Astronomy, Indigenous Leadership, and Gender and Sexuality in Society. To learn more about all of the courses visit:

Recording of Standing Committee Meetings
Trustees passed a motion directing staff to video record the two monthly Standing Committee Meetings (Education Policy and Directions & Operations and Planning Committee). Following each meeting, the video will be posted publically to the District’s website.

Free Transit Campaign
The Board passed a motion directing the Chair to write a letter to the Victoria Regional Transit Commission in support of the Free Transit Campaign and encouraging them to implement a pilot program in the 2020 budget eliminating user fees for youth under 18 years of age.​ The Free Transit Campaign also advocates for the expansion and electrification of public transportation as key aspects of fighting climate change.

Climate Action Plan
Board Chair Jordan Watters shared she will be bringing forward a motion at the June Operations and Planning Committee Meeting to help address climate change. Watters identified growing concerns associated with the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions and rising sea levels. The intention of the motion would be to direct the Superintendent to develop a Climate Action Plan with specific targets and actions that are in alignment with the goals of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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