Board of Education Meeting Highlights – September/October

The Board of Education Highlights provide updates on presentations and decisions made during the Board Meetings. For more information, please visit our District website where you can view the full agenda and video stream of the meeting:

Board Meeting Highlights – September/October 2021

Cedar Hill Middle School
The Board directed the Superintendent to determine the cost of building a new replacement net-zero by design school for Cedar Hill. A net-zero school would negate the amount of energy and greenhouse gases produced during construction and in the building’s final design. The Board also approved a consultation process for the school’s new design. In mid-November, a public information session will take place to discuss the project, timelines and potential design plans.

Audit Finding Report
KPMG presented the 2020-2021 financial year-end Audit Finding Report highlighting a clean audit with no adjustments or recommendations.

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning
The Board approved the 2021 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning Report. The report outlines the District’s Strategic Plan and summarizes all students’ culturally responsive educational outcomes as well as the goals and strategies for continuous improvement. To review the FESL Report:

SD61, City of Victoria, Pacifica Framework Agreement
The Board gave two readings of a disposal bylaw for the disposal of approximately 1.4 acres of land at SJ Burnside Education Centre to the City of Victoria for Pacifica Housing to build an 88-unit development geared towards moderate-income families. The third reading will be considered by the Board on November 22, 2021. For more information:

Lansdowne Land Disposal
At a Special Board Meeting on October 5th, trustees approved the third reading of the Board’s disposal bylaw to sell off 7.3 acres of land at Lansdowne Middle School to the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF) for $15 million to build a new school. For more information:

2022-23 Budget Plan Approved
The Board approved the budget process for the upcoming school year. This year, a budget advisory committee will be formed. Between November 2021 and April 2022, the District will provide opportunities to connect students, staff, administrators, Indigenous Nations, parents and guardians, along with members of the public, to provide input and learn more about resource allocation. For more information:

The Board intends to approve its 2022-2023 budget in April 2022.

Multicultural Calendar
The Interim Superintendent shared a new multicultural calendar with the Board. The calendar serves as an educational and informational resource for students, staff and families. It highlights multi-faith observances, cultural holidays, and historical days of significance to further support and advance the District’s values of diversity and inclusion. To review:

Renaming of George Jay Elementary
Trustees approved a motion to change the name of George Jay Elementary School. Adhering to Policy and Regulation 1421 – Naming School Sites, the George Jay Naming Ad Hoc Committee will bring forward a new name recommendation to the Board by Spring 2022.

In November 2019, the District launched a survey and held an open house to collect input on whether the District should keep or change the name. In summary, more than half of the participants were in support of a name change at the time. Since January 2021, a District committee has researched the history of the school and George Jay, and invited Rightsholders, partners, the school community and members of the public, to share their perspectives to inform the Board’s decision.

To learn more about the Board’s upcoming work and to prepare for upcoming conversations, please visit the Board’s Annual Work Plan:


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