Artificial Turf Field Replacement at Oak Bay High

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Artificial Turf Field Replacement at Oak Bay High

VICTORIA, BC – The Greater Victoria School District is communicating its removal and replacement plan for the artificial turf surface at Oak Bay High. The field has been closed since November 2019 after reports of the field shedding artificial grass blades.

The District’s removal plan involves cutting the current turf into appropriately sized strips that can be rolled up to limit the possibility of shedding. After crews roll up the material, the rubber infill pellets will be collected to reuse on the new replacement field.  All remaining material will be carefully collected, contained and transported to a recycling facility.

To minimize the potential risk of any fibres entering the creek, the District opted to take a longer route for loading by removing a section of fencing on the southeast side of the field and to move the rolls to the trucks via the concrete pathways (Figure 1, see attached). This approach avoids the use of the Bowker Creek bridge for loading and unloading.

Once the original turf is removed, the installation of the new field will begin. Turf will be rolled out into sections and fused together. Once the field is assembled and lines placed, the reused infill will be installed. The District will also add a permanent perimeter around the field and additional filters to prevent any debris from leaving the property.

“We are very excited to have this turf replaced and look forward to seeing it utilized by our community again. Weather permitting, we are hopeful to have this field open for use come mid-August,” said Board Chair Jordan Watters. “We also want to thank our partner Bays United Football Club for their continued patience throughout the process and timeline of replacement, and to vigilant community members who provided notification, input and guidance.”

The field replacement is tentatively scheduled to start on July 15th, 2020. The entire project is estimated to take approximately four weeks.

“This field adds such value to our community by creating a space for both students and members of the public to engage in play and physical education. It will be great to see players back on the field,” said Bays United Football Club Board President, Howard McElderry. “While the original turf prematurely shed, the supplier is committed to replacing the surface under warranty, and Bays remains confident that the mat and rubber infill pellets are still the best and safest playing surface choice.”

The District will be informing community partners about the removal and replacement process. The original field was installed in 2016.


For more information contact:

Lisa McPhail 
Communications & Community Engagement
Greater Victoria School District
Office: 250.475.4103


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