All in-class instruction suspended (March 17th, 2020)

Under the direction of the Provincial Health Officer, the Minister of Education has suspended in-class instruction in all schools until further notice.

Teacher of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Teachers of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Inclusive Learning, at Lambrick Park Secondary


To provide the necessary support services to the hard of hearing or deaf student


  • District Principal Inclusive Learning
  • SBT
  • Audiologist


Contact Teachers of the DHH directly


  • A loss of hearing in one or both ears, with a partial or total inability to hear.
  • (Mild, 20 decibels, to profound, more than 120 decibels)
  • A medically diagnosed hearing loss that results in substantial educational difficulty
  • A mild or fluctuating hearing loss, caused by a middle ear infection, which causes delays in the development of speech, listening, and language skills.


  • Provide direct support to deaf and hard of hearing students for developing speech, language, listening and communication skills, academic, social and emotional development
  • Provide classroom observations and assessments, and suggestions for classroom management.
  • Provide support and maintenance of hearing aids and FM communication equipment
  • Support and guide Interpreters, Transcribers and Educational Assistants working with deaf/hard of hearing students
  • Monitor hard of hearing students who are not receiving direct service
  • Provide Sound Field equipment, and instruction on its use, upon the recommendation of the students’ audiologist.
  • Provide liaison services with community agencies (Island Health Hearing Clinic) and support groups
  • Provide workshops to staff and to students, to promote a greater understanding of hearing loss and its educational implications
  • Provide consultative services to parents, teachers, counsellors, educational assistants, and other personnel


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