SET-BC Services




SET-BC’s Provincial office is in Vancouver. Vancouver Island’s Regional office is in GVSD.


To assist schools in educating students whose access to the curriculum is restricted.


The GVSD Screening team meets twice a year to review referrals for specialized technology.  Schools submit completed referral forms (District Screening Checklists) to our SET-BC District Partner.


Tier 3 Services:  Intense, individual, specialized technology interventions, annual team support.   Students with the following designations are most likely to be served in Tier 3:

  • ​  Physical Disability/Chronic Health
  • ​  Visual Impairment
  • ​  Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ​  Moderate to Profound Intellectual Impairment
  • ​  Dependent Handicapped
  • ​  Deaf Blind

​Tier 2 Services: District and school-wide capacity-building; specific technology training, classroom-based learning, using technology ‘bundles’.  Students with and without identified special needs will benefit from the classroom projects.

​Tier 1 Services: District-based professional development; district-wide capacity-building.

Tier 3

SET-BC also provides:

  • Consultation
  • Training and ongoing support for students with SET-BC equipment
  • District-level workshops on special education technology
  • Website



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