Team Members:  2015-2016

Heather BensonJennifer Chambers
Dana MarchantWanda Murphy
Tina PierikJoel Smith
Harold W. Caldwell Lynda Whittam

Team Roles & Responsibilities

  • Consult with school and district administration to determine appropriate support response
  • Support the School Critical Incident Response Team through phone consultation or on-site service
  • Provide on-site debriefing for staff, students and parents/guardians, as required
  • Provide information and resources for staff, students and parents/guardians
  • Assist in planning for follow-up support
  • Connect schools with appropriate community resources
  • Provide ongoing updates to district administration throughout the response
  • Debrief with district administration following a response in order to refine CIRT practices

Contact can be made through your  Deputy/Associate Superintendent.



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