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Arbutus Global Middle School

Arbutus is the first school of choice for global education in British Columbia. The provincial curriculum is enriched in every classroom by linking it to global education, environmental awareness and social responsibility. Community and provincial initiatives take place in specific classrooms, such as Science in Action, HASTE, Global Art Education Project, Community Conversations and participating in web-casts. School-wide fundraisers are used as vehicles for teaching project management skills, persuasive writing, marketing strategies, and presentation skills to help students learn how to make a difference. Student-generated clubs, such as Global Leadership, Recycling Club, Environmental Leadership, Anti-Bullying Club, School Spirit Squad and Gardening provide opportunities for students to explore ways that they can make a difference in the world through promoting sustainability.

It is not enough to teach our students what is going on in the world and why. At Arbutus Global Middle School, it is our collective mission as educators, parents and community members to teach our future global citizens HOW and WHY they need to make a difference locally and globally. At Arbutus, it is our goal to teach students the skills and strategies they will need to make change happen.

This Program is offered at:  Arbutus Global Middle School


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