About SD61 G Suite

The Greater Victoria School District is proud to offer all teachers and students a district-managed G Suite (for Education) account. The use of G Suite is voluntary and students below Grade 9 will require parent and student consent.  This process will be initiated by the student’s teacher. For students between Grade 9-12, student consent is required and is initiated by the student. Please contact the school or teacher for more information about requesting a student G Suite account.

Who can get a SD61 G Suite account?

All students and staff are able to request a SD61 G Suite account and used according to the acceptable use guidelines. For SD61 staff, please use Tools for Schools to access information about student G Suite accounts and process.

What is G Suite for Education?

G Suite is a group of productivity applications that can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. It is designed specifically for use in education—the applications are different from the commercial versions (such as Gmail) in that they are managed by the district and allow for greater filtering, advertisement blocking and application control by SD61 system administrators. The table below outlines some of the more popular G Suite tools student use, along with their limitations as set by the District.

Students (Grade K-8)Students (Grades 9-12)
G Suite email account is limited to only SD61 domains (@sd61learn.ca and @sd61.bc.ca)G Suite email account has no sender restirctions
Google Drive (unlimited storage, including docs, sheets, slides, forms, and drawing)Google Drive (unlimited storage, including docs, sheets, slides, forms, and drawing)
Ability to share data is set to private by defaultAbility to share data is set to private by default
Google Drive is limited sharing to only SD61 domainsGoogle Drive has no sharing restrictions
Google Calendar and Google ClassroomGoogle Calendar and Google Classroom
Read&Write by TextHelp extension for Google ChromeRead&Write by TextHelp extension for Google Chrome

Why G Suite?

There are many benefits of using G Suite:

  • G Suite is offered to educational institutions at no cost
  • Efficiency and workflow for collaboration and sharing of learning
  • Accounts are accessible from any device, in any location, so long as an internet connection is available
  • Powerful connecting for students and educators together to work on projects
  • Having work online reduces paper use and waste and streamlines workflow
  • Education accounts have unlimited storage capacity in Google Drive, and offer access to tools such as Google Classroom, which are unavailable to public/regular Google accounts
  • Additional sharing settings within the Education domain means safer access to shared files and work
  • Find out more at G Suite for Education Website


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