The Aboriginal Nations Education Division (ANED)

Aned -LogoIn 1979, the Greater Victoria School District in partnership with the Victoria local of the United Native Nations formed a Commission to review and make recommendations regarding the education and cultural needs of Aboriginal students.  The findings of this Commission led to the creation of the Native Indian Education Division, which has since become known as the Aboriginal Nations Education Division (ANED).

ANED through the funding provided by the Ministry of Education Aboriginal Education Fund enables our school district to deliver enhanced education programming and to provide support for Aboriginal students.  This enhanced funding also provides culturally appropriate program and services to support the success of Aboriginal students and to provide opportunities for students and teachers to experience and to learn about Aboriginal history and culture in the Greater Victoria School District.

The Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement The Spirit of Alliances: A journey of good hearts and good minds, provides the foundation for the work that we do in Aboriginal Education with the Greater Victoria School District and the Aboriginal community.  The vision and goals for Aboriginal Education cannot be achieved without the alliance of all groups.  The guiding principles and goals of the The Spirit of Alliances provides the framework that can bring systemic change to our education system and provide students with opportunities to learn in an enhanced environment that honors and acknowledges the history and culture of Aboriginal peoples.

Greater Victoria School District

Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement 2013 – 2018

The Spirit of Alliances:  A journey of good hearts and good minds

 (an Integral Approach)

Internal Skills
Ability to Make Meaning
Active Skills
Skills & Measureable Knowledge
Goal 1: To provide a sense of place, caring, safety and belonging for Aboriginal students in the Greater Victoria School District.Goal 3: To continue raising awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history, traditions and culture for all staff and students in the Greater Victoria School District.
Relational Skills
Respect & Reciprocity
Family and Community
Systems Skills
Understanding Systems
Capacity to Navigate Systems
Critical Thinking
Goal 2: To honour, nurture and support relationships between the Greater Victoria School District, Local First Nations, Aboriginal Nations, families and community.Goal 4: To increase success of all Aboriginal students.


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