Request / Renew an Account

Student account information (student first and last name and grade level), as well as any documents uploaded onto the Google Apps platform will be stored on secure Google servers located beyond Canada, and may be subject to the laws of foreign jurisdictions. Privacy legislation requires that we inform you of this and obtain your consent to this arrangement.
I have read this information and understand that my personal information will be used for Google Apps for Education which may include:

  • Classroom assignments, research notes, presentations, school-based projects
  • Multimedia objects created by students (e.g., videos, pictures, audio files, animations, etc)
  • Summative assessments (e.g., teacher comments, peer feedback, surveys, etc)
  • Communication with teachers and other students related to educational purposes
  • Any material related to the educational purposes

This consent will be considered valid from the date at which it is signed until September 30, 2018 or when permission has been explicitly withdrawn.

As students, please follow the steps below to request a Google Apps for Education account with Greater Victoria School District 61:
Step 1 – Learn More about GVSD GAFE

Step 2 – Understand Privacy

Step 3 – Agree to acceptable use Guidelines


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