Cloverdale Traditional & South Park Family School

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Cloverdale Traditional School

Cloverdale Traditional School is a new alternative beginning September 2007. Traditional schools are defined by their focus on the teaching of values such as respect, responsibility and citizenship. High standards and clearly defined expectations for behaviour are emphasized, and students wear uniforms. At Cloverdale, teachers offer a rich, sequential program using the most effective and innovative teaching methods to enable all learners to reach their full potential. With active parent involvement, the school and its families can work together to foster the attributes of tomorrow’s leaders today.

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For more information please call: ph. 382-7231 or email to

South Park Family School

South Park Family School has been a successful parent-involved alternative (K-5) school in Victoria since 1974. Teachers and parents work closely together to provide a nurturing, stimulating, learning environment. Fine arts are an important part of our vigorous academic program. Because we emphasize cooperation over competition, we write narrative reports rather than assigning letter grades. Our fostering of self-esteem and creativity in our students prepares them to meet the challenges of future schooling.

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For more information please call: ph. 382-5234.



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