Wireless Network Redesign

Wireless Network Redesign

Formerly, The School District operated 5 different wireless networks:

  • GVSD
  • AppleTV

This was confusing and prevented us from using certain features of our technology.

In the summer of 2015, we undertook to redesign the wireless network with two critical goals in mind.

  1. Simplify
  2. Enable all wireless devices to connect to all AppleTV devices in the school, independent of whether they school owned or personally owned.

We succeeded.  We created a new wireless network to replace the 5 older ones.  You may have noticed a new wireless network named “SD61”.  This new wireless network:

  • does not require you to connect using the “web authentication” method previously used with GVSD-WIFI-A and GVSD-WIFI-B;
  • does not require the user to re-sign in every few minutes minutes.
  • does not require users to install a configuration profile on their device as was the case GVSD-WIFI-C.
  • allows devices to connect to the internet, and any of the AppleTV devices in the school.

During the christmas break, GVSD-WIFI-A and GVSD-WIFI-B will be removed.  We ask all users to connect their personal devices to SD61 from now on.  Please see this page for instructions.   As wel continue to migrate school systems to SD61, the remaining ‘GVSD’, ‘GVSD-WIFI-C’, and ‘AppleTV’ will be discontinued during the spring.




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