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HRS Office:250-475-4191
ADS Emerg:250-475-4126
Benefits, T4s, Pay Inquiries etc.Contact Payroll
Address/Name Changes250-475-4209
Automated Dispatch System (ADS) – Emergency Line (Patti Stevens)250-475-4126
Automated Dispatch System (ADS) – To Log an Absence250-475-4222
Assignment Information – AO / ASA (Robyn Bowden)250-475-4122
Assignment Information – CUPE 947 (Dawn Johnstone)250-475-4165
Assignment Information – CUPE 382 (Lisa Sharratt)250-475-4239
Assignment Information – Teachers (Jill Merrett)250-475-4175
Employment Verifications CUPE 382 (Lisa Sharratt)250-475-4239
Employment Verifications CUPE 947 (Dawn Johnstone)250-475-4165
Employment Verifications Teachers (Jill Merrett)250-475-4175
Staffing – Teaching Postings & Competitions (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Staffing – Teacher-On-Call Inquiries (Dianne Senick)250-475-4191
Staffing – Teachers / AO’s / ASA’s (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Staffing – Spareboard Special Student Assistants / Clerical250-475-4225
Teaching Position Inquiries (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Evaluations - AO’s / Teachers (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Seniority – Teacher / TTOC (Robyn Bowden)250-475-4122
Seniority – CUPE (Lan Dinh)250-475-4226
Transfers - Teachers (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
CUPE Deployment (Lan Dinh)250-475-4226
Summer School Inquiries - Teachers (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Certification / TQS – TTOC (Dianne Senick)250-475-4119
Professional Development – CUPE (Luciano Biscottini)250-475-4209
Attendance Support, Disability Management & Wellness (Courtney Askew)250-475-4163
Health & Safety (Vacant)250-475-4192
Medical Leave of Absence - CUPE (Courtney Askew)250-475-4163
Medical Leave of Absence - Teacher (Courtney Askew)250-475-4163
Leave of Absence - Other than medical Teachers (Robyn Bowden)250-475-4122
Leave of Absence - Other than medical CUPE 947 (Carrie Broadhead)250-475-4225
Leave of Absence - Other than medical CUPE 382 (Tanya Bellagente)250-475-4118
Labour Relations / Collective Agreement Inquiries (Marne Jensen)250-475-4247
HR Webpage Inquiries (HRS)250-475-4191
All Other Inquiries (HRS)250-475-4191


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