Stage 2: Return to School Plan 2020

The District is entering Stage 2 of the BC K-12 Education Restart Plan in September, focusing on student and staff safety while maximizing in-class instructional time. This plan prioritizes student and staff safety while meeting the learning needs of all our learners.


Following the comprehensive measures set by the Ministries of Health and Education, the District has updated its health and safety protocols to adhere to all of the requirements of the COVID-19 Public Health Office’s Guidance for K-12 School Settings. All schools will be implementing the following procedures outlined in the GVSD Exposure Control Plan for School Sites.


Schools will be organized into Learning Groups. The way schools are structured will vary across elementary, middle and secondary schools. Learning groups will not exceed 60 individuals for elementary or middle schools, or 120 individuals for secondary to help limit contact and potential exposure.

When necessary, schools will also stagger start and end times along with recess and lunch breaks, and assign students different entries and exits to ensure that students are not interacting with others outside their Learning Group.


Students and families have several educational options for the 2020/21 school year. The options include:

To learn more about how schools will be organized and the educational options available, please click on the following.

For more information on the educational options please review the following table.

K -12 Return to School Educational Options – Stage 2


All students with special needs who are enrolled in a District school will have access to the full range of supports typically offered in our schools, although the delivery method may look different. All students with a Ministry designation will continue to have an IEP with personalized goals. The IEP will be in place across stages and options (e.g., hybrid), acknowledging that support strategies may vary or be adjusted for different stages and environments. Regardless of stages/environments, continuity of access to learning will remain.

The District is committed to ongoing communication and collaboration with students and families to implement plans and monitor the success of student learning goals. Parents/guardians and caregivers should communicate directly with their school team.


According to the Provincial Health Officer and the Centre for Disease Control, most children who are immunocompromised can return to in-class instruction where safety measures are in place. Protective self-isolation is only recommended for children who are severely immunocompromised, as determined on a case by case basis.

The advice from the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control for parents/caregivers of children with complex medical conditions or underlying risk factors, or parents/caregivers who are immunocompromised themselves, is to consult with their medical health care provider to determine the level of risk regarding their child’s return to in-class instruction.

Parents/caregivers seeking an alternative to in-class instruction, and who do not wish to register their child in a distributed learning program or homeschooling, will be required to obtain a doctor’s note indicating the need for accommodations due to health-related risks. School districts are expected to work with these families to ensure continuity of learning and supports. Accommodations could include some elements of remote learning, specific course offerings, and/or modified days. Specifics for each child need to be developed in collaboration with families and school staff.

For students with immune suppression, if attending in-class instruction is right for the child: school and school districts work with parents or caregivers to develop options for learning to ensure appropriate preventative measures are in place.

For students with immune suppression, if attending in-class instruction is not right for the child: schools and school districts work with families to develop options to continue their child’s education at school or school district.

Criteria for Students with Immune Suppression
Immune Suppression Form


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